Marcus Hiles on the Benefits of Texas Pro-Growth Policies for the Entire Country

As a real estate development expert in the lone star state, Marcus Hiles carefully watches Texas’ track-record concerning new company start ups in the state. “Businesses are moving to Texas in order to benefit from corporate-friendly policies and stable workforce,” he explains. Even overseas investors are hurrying to Texas and have added more than a half million jobs, increasing exportation. In 2015, exports were worth $251 billion, with a 93 percent increase over the previous ten years in exports with international trade agreement partners. Texas shipped internationally $45.4 billion worth of computers and electronics, $44.1 billion in oil and coal products, and $39.9 billion in chemicals. Hiles states that, compared to other regions like California, which saw over 1,500 businesses close during the past eight years, Texas’ pro-growth attitude primes it to usher in more establishments, greater employment opportunities, and increased exports in the years to come.  Read More:—-encourages-everyone-to-follow-texas-pro-growth-policies-2016-06-24