Marcus Hiles on Contemporary Designs of Homes

Recently, houses are being created with open floor plans and possess rooms that have space to accommodate new additions to the family. Marcus Hiles suggests that flexibility is an indispensable factor. Rooms with several materials or colors found in roofs or floors or the concept of ‘implied spaces’—is a novel approach that makes interiors look more spread-out while removing superfluous walls. Top-class design stands for breaking through barriers – larger windows allow extra light to come in and can replace walls well, while joining the inside with the outside world. With the goal of making homes more captivating than any other place, hot tubs, gyms and spas have been added making relaxation easily available. Furthermore, as the attractiveness of cooking gourmet dinners has gone up, so have kitchens: with restaurant-like appliances and furniture like islands, kitchens are commonly assigned extra overall square footage and have become a vital part of the house as the space where families come together more than dining and living rooms.

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