Marcus Hiles – The Potential Changes in Real Estate Market in the Unites States

There has been much conversation around the effect of President-elect Donald Trump on real estate matters when he takes up the office of the President of the United States in January. As written in a current Forbes article contributed by Lawrence Yun, the Chief Economist of National Association of REALTORS, one of Trump’s most impactful outcomes for the real estate business could be amendment to the Dodd-Frank financial regulation. “A clear positive would be the lifting of compliance costs imposed on small-sized banks. Around 10,000 local and community banks have traditionally been the source of funding for construction and land development loans. With less regulatory burden, these small banks can make more loans and will boost home building activity – something that is needed in the current housing situation.” Numerous theorists have been showing optimism about having an entrepreneur representative in such an important role. Despite Trump’s strong relationship with real estate, he has not been communicating the changes he will be making to the real estate business. With three decades in real estate, Marcus Hiles has been predicting real estate market trends.

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